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Its my Spa Facial Signiture Galvanic Skin Therapy Here's how it works

The skin treatment using galvanic ions works by removing skin wastes and helping penetrate water soluble Skincare Products and/or nutrients deep into the skin by applying galvanic ions

The treatments have been proven to be effective for reducing wrinkles and sagging skin when a proper treatment schedule is followed.

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The Treatment enhances the absorption of nutrients by bringing the nourishing products deep into your skin using the anode (+) and the cathode (-) of electric currents.

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The possible side effect that you may experience sensitive skin for a short period of time after using it.





The Spa-Facial Galvanic Treatment

Assists in reducing wrinkles, sagging skin, and is also recommended for firming and lifting of the skin and helps activate skin cells and tissues The Treatment is used for problem skin such as acne, pimples, and blackheads.


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